Changes in Childcare Assistance

As of the 2nd of July 2018 there will be changes in government childcare assistance. The child care benefit and rebate will combine to create the new child care subsidy. To see how this will affect you, use the calculator by clicking here.

Child Care Benefit

Child Care benefit (CCB) is a payment from the Australian Government that helps you with the cost of childcare. You can choose to receive CCB as a lump payment or as reduced child care fees. For more information click here.

Child Care Rebate

An additional payment to the Child Care Benefit is the Child Care Rebate. The Rebate is not income tested. Even if your family income is too high for you to receive the Child Care Benefit, you may be eligible for the Child Care Rebate. It covers up to 50 per cent of out-of-pocket costs, up to $7,500 per child, per year.

You may choose to receive the Child Care Rebate paid fortnightly, either directly to your bank account, or through your child care service provider as a fee reduction. You still have the option of having your Child Care Rebate paid quarterly or annually as a lump sum directly to your bank account. For more information click here.


Jobs and Education Training Assistance also known as JET helps with the cost of approved child care for eligible parents undertaking activities such as job search, work, study, training or undertaking rehabilitation to enter, or re-enter the workforce as part of an Employment Pathway Plan (also known as a Participation Plan or Individual Participation Plan). For more information and to see if you are eligible please click here.